Friday, 8 June 2012

Lunch time shopping

I knew the sales started yesterday (started writing this post on Thursday) and as much as I wanted to go, I thought I was safe, because every Wednesday I do pilates at lunch time. I thought by Thursday all the good stuff would be gone and I wouldn't spend much. That was the plan, until 5minutes before class I got an email saying pilates was cancelled... Off I went to Pitt street mall.

I only went to 2 stores - Wittner and Portmans. I knew both were having great sales.

Here are my lunch time shopping specials.

These are a great basic and down to $53 from $180.

I couldn't resist these and they were only $47, down from $160!!!

Woolen jumper for $27.

Work dress $35.

Work top $35.

I went to Myer on Thursday and found a rack with A FURTHER 90% OFF!!! I couldn't believe it! I purchased two dresses and a top for $15!!!! That is out of this world!LOL.

And with that latest round of purchases, I need to stop making purchases, save for this wedding thing and pay off this credit card thing.

I am giving A my credit card and all CASH purchases will now only be essentials (makeup,skincare), birthday presents or things for the wedding. I will have a small amount each week to get such things.

This ban will be until the start of September, just in time for Spring :)

What did you score in the mid year sales??


  1. First off I'm a tad impressed that you go to pilates during your lunch break! That's commitment!

    You scored some good things though, love the shoes and the work dress.. and I'm really into knits at the moment so the blue knit as well haha

    Good luck with the ban, I always try to do that, never works :( so hopefully you have more will power then me!


    1. my work puts it on, it's 4 levels down and FREEE, so I figure why not? lol.

      Thanks hun. I gave A my credit card at lunch today :(

  2. Ohhh I love those shoes!! Very nice! Actually everything you got is gorgeous! I've been pretty good with the sales, gotten a pair of black wedge pumps, a couple of knit jumpers and some new exercise pants. Got to love the sales!

  3. Love a good lunch time shopping expedition, fab finds.

    I've only really picked up some windsor smith shoes from the Iconic, but they were 75% off, so I'm happy.

  4. Thats it! Im going into Wittner and Portmans today! Cant believe the great prices for those Wittner shoes =O


    1. I know and they are great quality! I am actually going back to Wittner today to get some work wedges for $38 :)

  5. The red shoes are amazing! Good purchase!