Saturday, 23 June 2012

Diet Takeaway Food

Intrigued by the title of the post?

That's probably because the words "Diet" and "Takeaway Food" are never normally put together, for a good reason too! Most people who are watching what they eat or trying to lose weight are preparing the food themselves (like I am on 12WBT) so they know exactly what has gone into each meal and can control/count the calories, protein, carbs, fats and sugar levels.

BUUUTTT we would be kidding ourselves to say that there are never times in our lives when we can't prepare our own food, because we  are so rushed, so busy or just no where near home. I am not a parent or even a wife yet and I know sometimes I am just juggling way too much, my energy levels are low and I can't wait 3hours before I am home again to eat!!!

PREPARATION and ORGANISATION can eliminate a lot of problems, like preparing your lunches the night before or having snacks in the car or your nappy bag.

However, this post is about when you haven't prepared or organised and you are left with the option of starving or getting takeaway. I am no nutritionist, but I think starving yourself for 5 hours because you are running errands is probably not the best thing for your body, especially if you are trying to keep your metabolism ticking.

When I first started my weight loss journey, the kilojoules weren't written on the boards at most take away places... so these days you can consider yourself super dooper lucky!

Anyways, here are some of my tips about what not to fall for or what to eat where. If you have any further tips or want to correct me, please go ahead.. this is just what I have learnt from my journey.

1. DO NOT fall for the "healthy" description before something and just assume that it will be good for you and aid your journey. I don't know how many times I have seen that before a wrap or sandwich, only to read on and see avocado, full fat cheese and mayonnaise on the menu.

2. DO NOT think all salads are good for you. Look up the calories in some of Sumo Salad's salads and I bet it will make you as mad as it did I when I first read it.

3. DO NOT be afraid to ask for changes or options like sauce on the side or cheese.

4. TRY to think about "what will I be happy I ate?" after you leave the food court or takeaway place, rather than "what am I craving?" or "what tastes the best?". I had to use these options when I was stuck in a food court this week and they were the only thing that made me choose salad over a quarter of chicken...

5. To work out calories from kilojoules, divide it by 4 to get a rough idea.

My TIPS...


Yes I said McDonalds!!

The seared chicken classic salad is a winner, it fills you up and comes in at only 714KJ.

Fillet of Fish healthy heart meal, at around 400 calories, you still get the feeling of having a burger without the extra love handles.

Tandoori wrap is the best of the wraps at 1340KJ.


OOooooh yes I am going there.

Did you know KFC has a salad now? Yep it does! With crispy strips and all it comes in at only 250 calories and still gives you the taste of the Colonel's herbs and spices.


Don't be fooled in thinking everything at Subway is good for you. Meatballs- uh uh!!! Yes we have seen the man who lost a lot of weight eating it, but that is probably because he was making the right choices!

Subway salad bowl is sooo filling I am stuffed by the time I get through it and depending on your options is usually in the low 200 calories area.

Look at the kilojoules ham, turkey, vegetarian, roast chicken are some of the best options and always get it on wheat bread, and finally try to say "no" when they ask "would you like cheese on that today?"

THAI takeaway

Avoid the fatty curries or soups that have cocnut milk. Go for a healthy stir fry without rice or noodles. Some places offer a "carb free" option like Baywok Thai, which is a larger serving of just vegetables and your meat of choice.

The healthiest sauce would be your oyster sauce.

Stir fry I whipped up the other night

I hope these little tips help next time you are stuck in a food court or a drive thru going AHHHHH What do I do? I try and avoid them for that reason, but there are still options out there.

Please tell me your tips or helpful hints for diet takeaway food....


  1. haha I really loved this post...

    And it is very interesting to see the KJ's these days, helps a lot that they have it on the board...

    I'm yet to try a KFC salad but maybe next time we go I will :)


    1. Thanks hun, i'm glad you liked it! :)

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