Monday, 28 May 2012


I think the title of this post illustrates the mood I am in most Monday mornings. Today I am not so bad, but I am never as good as I am on a Friday morning or a weekend. A job where my hours aren't defined... where I am my own boss.. that's the dream!

Anyways, enough ramblings and on with the stuff I promised. The stuff is a bit random and a bit of weekend stuff, but both stuff so both fit in the stuff category. What am I on this morning? Who knows? Maybe some stuff. lol. Okay, okay I'll stop.

On with the stuff....

Lunch for today, Risoni Pasta salad. A and I make our lunch most days for the health aspect, money aspect and choice aspect. I seriously think there are waaayy too many options in a food court for me to decide, find a seat and eat all in one lunch break!

Friday night was my friend Anni's 31st birthday. We headed to Establishment after work for a few drinks. I knew I had to be awake at 5am and warned her that I couldn't stay long or drink much. That WAS the plan. 4 bottles of wine and 4 hours later, I'm on the couch with A, he is laughing at me and teasing me about being drunk. Eh, I tried!

I had to wake up so early on Saturday morning for these lil munchkins! My nieces live in Wagga Wagga and it was the eldest ones (aka rabbit face) fourth birthday. It was worth waking up for.

We had to give Taylor a present or two as well and she looooveeeeddd this rocking horse.
After driving to Wagga and back in one day (4 and a half hours each way), A and I lovvvvveeeddd our beds.

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to have another kids birthday. A's nephew's 9th birthday. I think I am all kiddied out for a while now.

I made this Bolognese on State of Origin night, when my friend Alana stayed over. I decided to experiment a bit and it worked out perfectly!! Tomato soup really made the sauce super rich and the avocado I put in at the end... MmMmMmM!! It doesn't look the best, but it was fork lickin' good.

A candle my coworker bought me for my birthday. It smells so pretty, people keep asking "what's that smell? it is like a garden".

The kick bum fajita I made. Healthy and all. WINNING!

Man I hate uploading lots of photos on blogger, it takes soooo long, pick one, close, press upload, open up all the folders, pick another one. Can someone please save me and tell me there is an easier way to do this.... anyone???

What did you do on the weekend?


  1. Haha, I've failed at those 'quiet' nights before too ;-)

    Photobucket all the way! You can upload them all in one go quite quickly and then just add to your post via the link instead of uploading one by one via blogger :-)

    1. They never seem to be quiet when you want them too haha. Ahhhh thanks for the tip :)

  2. Food looks amazing! I am so hungry now!

    I think you can load to picasa (which is where blogger uploads to) and just link it all from there.

    1. your posts always leave me hungry hahaha

  3. Yuummmm food! Do you have a recipe for that fajita or did you just chuck whatever you like together?

    1. Yeah I do, it's a 12wbt recipe actually.. I can email it to you if you want? it's really easy.