Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our Engagement Party

yAhhhh.. I am so sorry to anyone who reads this. Our engagement party was about a week and a half ago now and I haven't posted a word about it! WHY??? I have been sleeping! Hahaha After the hen's party and then my engagement party, I had been donning my super dooper captain-planning cape for weeks and so I was exhausted! A captured it perfectly the other day when he said, "I wish I had a fiancé that didn't sleep so much"- woops! :)

Anyways…. The engagement party was great!!! During the day, after getting my makeup and hair  done, I went into some sort of stupid panic/anxious mode and even teared a little… why?? I have no freaking idea! I think the anticipation was all too much and I was scared that it might not be fabulous or that it would be over.. all silly thoughts of course! Luckily mumma and A were able to slap some sense into me.

After being too cranky at mumma on the drive in (sorry again about that- but you know it is a terrible personality trait of mine) and arriving at the venue, all my nerves seemed to go away… especially when the guests started to arrive and when A walked in and I got my usual big bear hug!

The rest of the night is one big blur of happiness to me… granted, the very end of the night is missing due to the bar tab, however the majority is just due to an overwhelming mass of happiness! I have never smiled so much ever! Every time I looked at the door, it was another one of my favourite people walking through the door…another person to hug, kiss and giggle with!

A and I wouldn't change a thing about the night and the best thing is that all of our friends and family have said the same. Everyone has reported back as having a great time and have commented "how meant to be" A and I are. Our speech wasn't planned at all and everybody really saw how we bounce off each other, it proved to be a great laugh for everyone but also an "awww" moment.

I wish I could do it allllllll over again a million times, exactly the same! I think I got a taste of the wedding and I want more… hehehe. Anyways, here are the pics :) (sorry about the excess- a bit excited!!!)

Cake from Princess Cakes
(same colour as my ring box)

The Martini glass had "look at me",
the others had "eat me" and "play with me"

Our Adlib/welcome table

A & I xxx

My dress was from George


 my makeup was by Napoleon


Other Bestie

These great shots are from the guys at Createv Photographty


mumma xx

Another fav pic!


My friends from when I was on exchange in Canada

modelling the cake haahha

During our speech,
A suprised me with this MASSIVE bunch of flowers..
I was caught totally off guard!

One of my fav pics from the night

My Bestie then gave us a belly dance performance


especially when she taught the boys a few moves hehehe

Then it was time for dancing.....

Zorba ;)

Cotton-Eye Joe

I couldn't help myself.. lol

who knows?


A puzzle was on every table and each was a different pic of us...
I saw this at the end of the night hehehe
Great way to wrap up this post...



  1. ZORBA!!
    Argh you looked amazing!

    Cannot wait to see how the wedding plans fold out :)

  2. aww thank you sweety! We had the best night ever xxx